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{Flip & Eva} Nejkrásnější chvíle ve dvou

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So grateful... My love... He is so sweet, oh..... IN LOVE

[GROOMING] Diego-day; Washing and pampering!

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It was a pretty 'warm' day today with no wind and Diego clearly was ready for some time together with

[NALANTA] Friendship without envy..

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This STUNNING video is made by Paula Conraads, you can find her youtube here:http://www.youtube.com/user/roelkethehorse?feature=watchIt's

[DUTCH] Ter adoptie; Zwarte dravermerrie Kimmie!

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Voor contact, info en meer: www.paardenopvangachterhoek.nl de rest van alle info en links vinden jullie in de video!

[TRAINING] Training Shilas in the evening

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I know I have been absent for a long time, that's because I haven't filmed in a loooong while! I

[COW] There she is again.. Still special!

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No, I don't think it's weird to kiss a cow. Yes, I do think that her heart and spirit is

[SLIDER] Second time practising on horse; Gerrit & Xalapo

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It is SO hard filming a horse with the slider! I thought it was easy but it really isn't haha...

RAWS Shilas en Flip 1

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[CAMERA SLIDER] 3th practise, short movie!

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Some footage of the 3th time practising, it's all pretty much the same but I just want to share it

[CAMERA SLIDER] Second time using; Into the Nature!

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So, while filming I wasn't very pleased with the result. It's HARD to work with this gear! Eventhough it might

[NEW GEAR] First time filming with my new equipment; HAPPY!

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So, yesterday I ordered something I was planning on ordering for a LONG time. My own camera slider! (google this

[SIMPLE VIDEO] Flip, exercise training with sounds

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[FLIP] Pictures, cuddles and some training!

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[TUTORIAL] Tricktraining/Vrijheidsdressuur tips, info & more!

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READ PLEASE, video has ENGLISH SUBTITLES!So, I know this is more about the basics and stuff, but I

[HORSE EVENT ’13] What an amazing weekend, thank you all!

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This video is a tribute to our lovely horses, amazing fans and friends! Thank you all so much..

[TRAINING] Inspired by Frédéric Pignon, new methods!

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I am so inspired yet again, his clinic on horse event was amazing and it helped me see things in

[SHOOT] Filming and a Photoshoot with the new Tack

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Sandra Jahnke made this tack for me, check her out on facebook!

[MOVIE] Medieval Showteam „Stichting Langenort“

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I hope you enjoy this! I am so proud of this movie, I think it's one of the best one's

[MEDIEVAL] Stichting Hei, the Knights.

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I filmed this show team as well, but just for fun, I love the horses... So powerful! I wanted to

[TRAILER] Stichting Langenort Medieval Festival

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This is just the trailer, I was asked to film this showteam a day and it was amazing! Enjoy!

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